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Truly a Special Place in a Special Place.  This remote retreat on the Costa Maya attracts a different type of traveller. A place for free spirits  with wonder lust in their heart.  A destination this laid back and off the grid is becoming rarer in the Yucatan.  If you want a restorative environment where your primary diversion is nature or the book, camera or writing pad you brought with you - this is the place.  Poca Cosa was designed by Robert Schneider with a strong creative nod to Mayan forms.  

Both beach front rental units offer their own unique charm.  Using solar power to generate electricity requires some awareness of consumption.  After all, what's the point of being off the grid if you aren't resource conscious.  The back-up generator has you covered if mother nature disappoints but best practices require prudent use of electricity and water; both precious resources in this remote environment. The cistern and tanaka's provide water for washing, rinsing and bathing.  Drinking water is provided in dispensers and can be replenished in Xcalak or from the pick-up trucks that drive the beach road from time to time.  A produce truck likewise drives the road offering vegetables, eggs and other edibles.  During peak season baked goods may even find their way up the road for those with a sweet tooth. Groceries are available in Mahahual and Chetumal, limited pantry, canned goods and fresh supplies in Xcalak.

For Water Lovers

For Water Lovers:  Snorkel, Dive, Paddle, Swim, Fish.

Two kayaks provided. 

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